Thursday, 12 October 2017

Payment Options and Tips for Making Payment to 50 Cent Freedom

In the absence of a popular payment service like PayPal most people might find it difficult to pay their 1st level upgrades in 50 Cent Freedom. Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay are the current payment services in 50 Cent Freedom.

There are plenty of great ways to accept and receive payments from others, but PayPal is the payment service of choice on many sites. By partnering with Ebay, PayPal became one of the largest online payment service in the world.

The PayPal accepts micropayments for digital goods. The minimum amount you can send using PayPal is $. 02. It would cost 5% + $0.05 USD per transaction.

PayPal does not allow 50 Cent Freedom may be they think it is a pyramid scheme.
50 Cent Freedom is an awesome matrix compared to others in the category. A lot of people are joining it because it only takes 50 cents for earning a monthly income.

All new members may not be familiar with the payment services of 50 cent freedom. To facilitate them to pay their upgrades with the available options, here are some simple tips.

1)   Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the best option for paying your upgrades in 50 cent freedom. After segwit Bitcoin transactions became cheap and now you can make micro transactions very economical.

In fee of a small amount can some time be customized to even 2 Satoshi. is the most popular digital currency wallet today where a beginner can buy, store and send bitcoin. The buying is through their integrated exchange partners operating in your country with 1% or less exchange commission.

It's not possible to buy bitcoin with PayPal. PayPal bans its users from selling bitcoins for PayPal funds. Further, no website can sell you bitcoin against PayPal fund without going through a middleman.

If someone you trust is willing to sell you bitcoins directly for PayPal money, this a good option.

2)   Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a widely popular payment service on the internet. Each Perfect Money account is subdivided into four different sub accounts of USD, EUR, GOLD and BITCOIN. For 'verified' account holders the internal transfer fee is @0.5%. Exchanges and withdrawals are done through their certified exchanges with a fee not exceeding 10%.

Buying Perfect Money with PayPal is possible through any of the exchanges.

For buying Perfect Money there is new method in social media forums. While complex, this method works reliably. You can follow this if you find it convenient and economical.

a)  Create an Epay account.

b)  Deposit your Epay account by Western Union.

c)  Withdraw to Perfect Money.

1% (minimum $5) fee is involved with every Epay transaction. Sending money from a Western Union agent is cheap, but varies from country to country.

3)  Solid Trust Pay

Be varified. You will have limited options if you operate an unverified Solid Trust Pay account. 

If you have fund in Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Egopay, OkPay, MtGox etc accounts, you can use an online exchanger to convert them to Solid Trust Pay funds. The reversal is also possible.

Also, you can fund your account with credit/debit cards. The fee is: 5.5% + $1.50 (Solid Trust Pay has certain reservations about who can fund via credit/debit cards. Many countries are not allowed to do it)

Sending money to other members is free, but a small 1.5% + $0.2 fee will be levied each time you receive funds from other members.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Best Opportunity of 2017

I thought I would share this with you. This is specifically for my 50 Cent Freedom referral friends who are not upgraded members yet. These testimonials are the views of some of the 50 cent freedom members who better understand all about the website and scope of the earning potential.

I would strongly urge you to upgrade your account imediately for becoming an active member and start earning fast. 


For those looking for a way, join 50 Cent Freedom with a 50 cent low-cost entry and create a substantial monthly income. 

Join Now! You will never regret you did!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Stop dreaming and start living the dream

It's ture that there's abundance of opportunity for anyone looking for making money online! It's also true that every online opportunity comes with a 'disclaimer',-- there's no guarantee of earning! The fact is your online earning depends on many factors like hard work, dedication, consistency, sacrifice, motivation, etc and etc. Your willingness for waiting for results also counts...  There is no immediate gratification.

Hendry Ford once said 'Success is not achieved by early risers or hard workers but by Lazy People trying to find easy way to do the same.' 

Luckly, there still have some good programs / plans for those people who aren't the hard working sort, and want to make money online. The 50 Cent Freedom is one of them. It works for all. Try it. You won't regret you did.
50 cent freedom

Sunday, 20 August 2017

How To Earn 3.24 BTC In 51 Days Following This Step By Step System Starting From Right Now

Hello, I want to help YOU build up your Bitcoin Cash Flow. You will earn 3.24 Bitcoins in 51 days without out of pocket expense! No investment of money is required for this system!

This is an easy to follow system to help you get rolling to build your Bitcoin Portfolio with Zero Out of Pocket and just 30 minutes of your time each day!

Here is all you have to do:

1) Join   Infinity Traffic Boost   and surf 100 pages a day.

2) Refer 4 or more friends to do the same (the faster you get your friends surfing and earning the faster you'll be able to advance and earn over 3 full Bitcoin or more)

3) Use your Surfers Rewards Pool Shares earnings to purchase the Traffic Package Option 1 (TPO 1) as soon as you earned the funds (in 30 days, when you surf 100 pages a day).

To make it easier for yourself, I recommend to select the "Getting Paid Option: Use earnings to purchase TPO's your way up" in the "Affiliates / Earnings" section.

Think about it, spend 30 minutes a day surfing and, with duplication as noted above, you can earn 3.24 Bitcoin in 51 days! Wow!

Check out the detailed explanation, then join   Infinity Traffic Boost,   start surfing and tell your friends ASAP!

Selected Social Media Posts About Online Money Making
As you can see, on day 30 you will have earned enough to now join the members that started with the Fast Track system.

At this point you can reduce your daily surfing to 10 pages a day, unless you prefer to earn more.

Here is how it will continue for you once you are on the Fast Track system...

Congratulations... You did it and earned yourself 3.240041 Bitcoins with zero out of pocket expense!

The earnings will not even stop to increase after 21 days on the Fast Track system… but of course... you can always refer more people to increase your earnings and the traffic you receive even more.

What if you refer 8 instead of 4?

You can stop referring more members when you believe it's enough or you stop after 4 that follow the same system as shown in this example.

I want you to know that the MATH is solid and if YOU do the work (surf and refer 4 or more friends) then this SYSTEM works!

So, what are you waiting for, just Signup to join  Infinity Traffic Boost  right now using this link.   (If direct link do not work, then copy and paste the link in a new window)

After registration and confirmation Click on the green "Surf Pages" button on dashboard and start surfing your 100 pages (to earn 10 surfers rewards pool shares).

Then Click on Affiliates, then Referral Tools, then Email marketing to select an email ad copy to send to your 10 Best Friends who would like to earn 3.24 Bitcoin in 51 days working just 30 minutes a day!

Keep surfing daily and keep referring more members until you have 4 or more that follow this simple system.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to Generate Free Network Marketing leads using 100% free methods!

Using this method, you're able to increase sales, signups and conversion for every single business you are promoting using 100% free methods!

People desist from joining network marketing, primarily because of the fear of not getting leads. In fact, they don't have a system in place to generate effective leads. A system that makes sure they get a steady supply of quality leads.

We can't make it in Facebook just because when we try and pitch our business on people over there they are also trying to do the same so it becomes almost impossible for either of us to win, right? 

So, what's the solution, how can I generate Free Network Marketing leads using 100% free methods?

Luckily, there's one company which gives you access to a huge database of MLM leads for free!

This free to join company is MLM Gateway. If you want to get highly targeted free MLM leads use MLM Gateway. You don't need to go social networks, discussion forums, and online databases, because these places are already flooded with thousands of such offerings, you will find no one there to present your business or nobody gonna take your posts seriously. The same things happens in email marketing too.

MLM Gateway is such a powerful tool that allows you to contact people interested in MLM from all around the world, and it is completely for free. It presents a very easy way to discuss your business with people who are interested in this type of business. MLM Gateway members show each other their business opportunities. They can send messages and in the case of mutual interest, arrange a personal meeting or a phone call.

You can use it's services in several other ways too.

If you are an independent business owner or a network marketer but not a member of MLM Gateway you should register your account right now. Don't get left behind! It's free and powerful!

Once you are in, please remember to go through the FAQ, it will take only 10 minutes.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Invest 50 Cents It Will Automatically Be Converted Into $8256.30 A Month

It is hard to believe that with 50 Cent investment you can earn a monthly income of $8256.30 effortlessly and further you will be able to gain access to a Website Rotator where you can promote 10 websites using just one link!

Friends, if money is your concern then this really amazing system is your path to Financial Freedom!!!

What are the requirements for achieving the financial freedom I deserve:

1)   50 Cents.

2)   3 referrals.

Even if you are not a marketer or think you cannot sponsor people, you don't worry this sells itself!

This site was launched on yesterday. In a less than a month's pre-lauch period it got 50,000 plus members, this overwhelming response proves that this system does sell!

In a rapidly changing internet the conventional methods of creating websites / products / affiliate marketing / SEO etc seems not easy and profitable for folks to follow anymore! Google it and see how drastically low are percentage of winning people in online businesses! So, it is the requirement of time to shift the mindset to do something differently, but legitimately to earn money.

How much can I win or loss by joining this program:

If you join this program and invest $0.5, you either lose 50 Cents of your net worth, which most people can take, or you make millions! The question of loss or failure does not arise if you have active and motivated members in your team.



Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Make At Least $20 Daily From Push Button Trading

A friend of mine shared a post in Facebook about this binary option trading programs.This is completely free, no investment and no fee...!!

100% FREE. Make at least $20 daily from binary option trading at two websites. Upon joining each websites will provide you free $25 bonus for the trading. While the bonuses remain in the accounts, you can cash out the profit on reaching $90. It only take 10 minutes daily for the 'push button trading'.

Everything is set, you need only to click on the push buttons appearing on the screens in front of you!!

The first step - Join both websites (links provided below). Login. Click on Binary Options, there will be 10 or more currency pairs available for you to trade. Select one currency pair and click on the Start button. Click on the 'Confirm' buttons appearing in the next screens. Repeat the same on all available currency pairs. Repeat the same on other website too.

As a beginner you can only invest / bet $1 on each currency pairs. Your investment is for 24 hours. The profit will be credited after 24 hours. Refer people, you will get compensated for it.

Friend, from both websites you will be able make at least $20 daily.

Here are the links to the two websites. (1) and (2)